Experiencing Europe’s largest CBD Expo

London’s Excel Centre

On the 12 and 13th of July, Europe’s largest CBD Expo was held in the ExCel Centre in London.

The purpose of my attendance at this event was to determine if CBD is a fad, or whether it’s here for the long term.

There are a lot of questions regarding the real long-term benefits of CBD products, so I attended in order to find the answers.

As I walked into the huge room at the ExCel, I discovered over 75 companies exhibiting their businesses set up within the newly booming CBD industry.

At the event, there were companies exhibiting CBD hair shampoos, bath bombs, edibles such as gummy bears, and sweet treats infused with CBD. There were also companies offering body balms, and muscle rubs to apply the CBD directly to the skin. The more traditional tincture oils, where the CBD is in liquid form mixed with a carrier oil to be consumed, were also well represented.

Wide range of CBD products

The industry was also well represented by companies offering CBD packaging machines, and LAB testing specialists who provide third party reporting to show exactly how much CBD is in each product and independently verify the claims made on the labels.

The event organisers, London CBD Group Ltd, arranged over 30 industry experts to speak at the event. These included: professors in medicine, clinical scientists, lab technicians, and policymakers who are pushing for increased regulation of this expanding market.

In my opinion, the speakers all had varying viewpoints, covering financial, medicinal, regulation, wellness, and using the whole plant to isolated cannabinoids, etc. But herein lies the problem, the myriad of opinion within this growing industry is driving the industry forward, however, it’s also leaving the consumer confused in some respects.

Within the room, I found the majority of exhibitors set their companies up for the right reasons, with a large number of them becoming involved after they discovered that CBD had been or could be beneficial to loved ones who suffered from a variety of different ailments including Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Anxiety and Depression. The volume of testimonials from people who have seen significant improvement in the overall wellness of themselves or loved ones is growing.

The high degree of positivity from everyone I spoke to regarding the significant improvements in their loved one’s overall wellness after using CBD is unquestionable, even if the number of clinical trials offering proof of this is currently limited.

I believe that CBD will become a staple in people’s daily rituals, like taking a daily vitamin, they will be taking a daily dose of CBD.

Conclusion of my visit to CBD Expo London

Regardless of whether it is consumed as an edible product infused with CBD or rubbed it into the skin with a body butter or balm, undoubtedly CBD is going to become a staple product and is definitely here to stay.

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